Retail Audits

Retail audits are carried out by Floorwalk which includes studies of selected retail outlets performed by brand representatives or retail store employees for the purpose of collecting data about the health of the brand’s products. This serves as a tool for suppliers to ensure that retailers are complying with pre-established agreements on product placement, pricing, and promotion. Also, allow brands to accurately measure their success in the retail environment.

Complaince audits

Floorwalk enables you to comprehensively evaluate and review whether or not your organization adheres to regulatory guidelines, compliance preparations, security policies and risk management procedures

pricing audits

A Stock audit is a physical count of the stock that is maintained at a particular place at a particular point of time. This audit can be performed at warehouse of a brand, a distributor point or at point of sales of a retailer. By performing these audits, the brand will have a clear picture of recorded inventory vs the actual inventory leading to clarity in key decision making

pricing audits

With Price audits, Floorwalk ensures that the organization maintains consistency across similar accounts, maximise profitability and provide an external barometer for measuring prices against the marketplace. Pricing audits also ensure that prices are matched against customer segments to ensure that appropriate pricing is done by the organization

infrastructure audits

While your organization spends a lot of money building your service or product stores, fixtures, furniture, signage, demo products and branded displays, we at Floorwalk reciognizes the humongous amount of your hard earned money spent to put things together. Floorwalk conducts Infrastructure audits to ensure that your basic infrastructure is maintained while you continue to focus on your core tasks

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