Mystery Shopping allows companies to uncover what their clients think of their brand. It is a good way to generate insights about the quality of the service provided. It offers the management a method to efficiently evaluate their business practices, service protocol, and employee training from the perspective of their consumer.

Companies use mystery shopping to understand and improve the typical customer behavior at its locations and throughout their organization. Companies often reward positive customer experiences and use mystery shopper's evaluations to improve their service and product quality.

Consumer-based companies, manufacturers companies all use mystery shopping. These includes both start-ups and well-established companies, restaurants, hotels, resorts, banks and financial service providers. The following are other industries that uses mystery shopping too:

  1. 1.Automotive service facilities
  2. 2.Luxury products retailers
  3. 3.Computer/electronics companies
  4. 4.Advertising and promotions agencies
  5. 5.Seasonal retailers
  6. 6.Apartments
  7. 7.Convenience and gift stores
  8. 8.Home builders
  9. 9.Self-storage facilities
  10. 10.Research companies
  11. 11.Grocery stores

There are several form of mystery shopping such as on-site mystery shopper visits where the mystery shopper directly visits the company or industry to evaluate them secretly. Some other common types of mystery shopping includes employee-reward shops, competitive shops, telephone shops, digital photo shops, internet service evaluations, onsite operational, marketing and merchandising audits. There are types or forms mystery shopping but above are the common methods used.

Each individual shopper's scores are monitored on a monthly basis. Any shopper that appears to be out of sync with the average of the other shoppers doing the same locations will receive additional guidance and coaching. While in the field, we perform "ride alongs" with shoppers that require more "one on one" assistance and coaching.

Clients receive a monthly report outlining each location or branch's performance in a variety of categories. These reports are available on a dedicated web site set up for the companies. You will be able to adjust the available trend reports, views and queries to fit your specific needs. Also, there are email alerts to notify you of surveys that are below standard.

  1. 1.Delivery of high-quality on-site mystery shops.
  2. 2.Quick turn-around time of mystery shopping results
  3. 3. Reports and Analytics of the customer's feedback based on Mystery Shopping.
  4. 4.Instant e-mail notification to view reporting via the Internet.
  5. 5.Monthly summary reports to view trends (assessed according to needs).