Mystery Shopping

Floorwalk conducts mystery shopping for the brand to aknowledge their actual store appearance, consumer experience, stock availiblity, staff behavior and other findings inside their stores. The whole data is collected by third person who poses as a genuine shopper and shares the exact data collected on-site.

mystery shopping

Floorwalk conducts Merchandising audits which provide regular check ups on retailers, ensuring that they are complying with the agreements that you have made regarding product location, shelf space, product displays, pricing, and promotion.

consumer mystery shopping

Consumer experience audits are done from the consumers' perspective to know the overall customer experience throughout the shopping. The overall interaction between the organization and the consumer is recorded by the consumer.

retailer recomeandation

Retailer Recommendation programs are carried out by Floorwalk to check if the Retailer recommends about your products or services to the customers. This will give you insights as to how the retailer approaches and sells your product in the market. It is observed that the actual buyer is open to recommendations while he goes to purchase a product in the market. The product recommended by the retailer is more likely to be chosen than others.

benchmark market research

Floorwalk helps your brand to study other competitor brands and compare your brand with them using certain metrics. This helps to study current competitor company trends in comparison to yours.

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