consumer insights

Consumer Insights

With our best in class research techniques, FloorWalk enables you to disscet Consumer Behavior, Uncover Consumer Trends and mine into consumer data to unlock insights and produce actionable data. Floorwalk helps brands to create effective messaging for the traget audience at the appropriate time

satisfacory retail audits

How effective is your Product or Service? Engage with Floorwalk to know the right picture of how your product or service is perceived in the market. As a result of Satisfaction surveys, you will identify the strengths and weaklings in your consumer experience journey

retail audits

We at Floorwalk, curate a specialy designed questionnaire for you not only when companies introduce new products, beforehand but especially after the launch when companies are most curious to know customers' opinions and experiences. Floorwalk helps to carry out retail surveys as these are helpful in determining what your consumer actually wants. Study of these patterns is directly linked to marketing stratrgies and marketing outputs.


Brand Perception Surveys help you understand how your brand is perceived in the mind of customers, prospects, employees and other stakeholders. They paint a picture of where your brand stands and how it is considered against competitive brands.FloorWalk conducts thorough study of consumer insights which enables a better understanding of the brand and hence acting as a bridge between research and marketing.


With the advent of new software, technology and marketers, business owners have the ability to know more about their competition than ever before. But simply knowing what your competition offers is not enough! It is extremely important to regularly conduct a thorough competitive analysis in order to stay one step ahead. Floorwalk helps you to quickly identify industry trends and adapt to competitor campaigns or strategies in order to maintain a foothold or out-compete them entirely

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