/Top ten criteria to be judged for Mystery Shopping

Top ten criteria to be judged for Mystery Shopping


Quality customer service still does exist, however due to availability bias we tend to remember these negative or sub-par experiences when one has been experienced or heard of recently. That is not to say that poor service does not exist, but it could be said that the majority of those in customer service are there because they enjoy what they do and it is a minority that provides a poor image for the rest. If one does not put the customer’s needs first and genuinely care, then they need to reflect on why they are working in the customer service industry. Mystery Shopping a perfect tool to know how is your customer treated. For big companies, it is quiet difficult to know for the management about services provided to the customer. Secret Shopping being the backbone of judging the quality audits, it is often recommended to go for Mystery shopping once a quarter and know what customer think of your brand.

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