/Its only when you know better that you serve better!

Its only when you know better that you serve better!

Have you ever wondered, why a doctor with terrible taste in medicines but good interpersonal skills befriends your sickness while a cheesilicious pizza at the most happening store, offered with an unpleasant tone never paves its way to your stomach again?

In today’s century supply exceeds demand. The demand may be from anyone but is the supply coming from you? Curious? Mystery Shopping is your solution, a full-proof technique to create repeat customers by knowing their perspectives, experiences, addressing their grievances, prioritizing what matters and in the end fetching something your brand longed for, “Customer Satisfaction”!

Benefits of Mystery Shopping

Suppose you are the owner of a telecom service provider company named “Ache Din” and wish to improve your customer services and  sales, as a result. You launch new offers, give sim cards for free, make new marketing strategies; but your growth rate and turnover is still stagnant!

This can happen for a lot of reasons like new strategies are not implemented, store handlers being non-cooperative, new offers are not targeted at the right audience, etc., but how do you know the root cause?

You supervise, employees function well in your presence but what happens when you leave is doubtful. You install cameras, a sense of distrust arises among workers. You set task goals, individual weaknesses are not catered. You ask employees feedback and nobody tells you that they are doing a bad job. You ask for feedback from your customers, who have neither the interest nor the time for your questions. All you get from them is complaints & complaints!

You then turn to FloorWalk who provide you with qualified auditors and mystery shoppers.  These mystery shoppers visit your stores as real customers and get back with the finest of details like check-in check-out greetings, waiting time, ambience of the store, approach of employees, etc., to help you use these details to build loyal future customers.

Using conventional methods a company can’t inspect or identify its faults and can have trouble growing while still adhering to company’s core values. By using mystery shoppers, you can shop, experience and obtain valuable feedback, you can achieve control. And once you gain control, you improve and get better. Then no matter where the demand comes from but the supply is always from your company.

Mystery Shopping

We know that a customer is always easy to get but difficult to maintain. While customer retention may cost you a little extra, but a customer lost may cost you even more. That’s how it works: word of mouth spreads fast and even faster when it comes from a reliable source. So if you wish to grow successfully, try our mystery shopping services today!

FloorWalk – Mystery Shopping at its Best!

FloorWalk is a Mystery Shopping and Consumer Insights Company promoted by experts from Retail and Hospitality industry. Our panel of professionals bring along years of experience in the fields of Store Operations, Quick Service Restaurants, Health & Wellness, Buying and Merchandising, Supply Chain and Marketing.