We have an unending list of mobile makers today, all getting ready to outpace one another. With so many variants with similar specifications at competitive prices, customers today are spoilt for choice. In view of the highly competitive environment, brands need to be on their toes all the time, which means knowing what the competition is doing is of utmost importance. Mystery shopping might just be the right thing to do in such a situation.

Mobile brands need to look at multiple areas to be on the upper rungs of the success ladder. Not only do they have to keep an eye on key technical advancements, but also the extra perks that are given to the customers by competitors that devour the customers’ loyalty. Continuous innovation in terms of technology, pre-sale and post-sale services is what keeps the customers from drifting to other brands.

A mystery shopper for a mobile brand visits the retail stores to get customer service insights. It is done in a way that the true identity of the mystery shopper is not exposed. He or she takes into consideration the store experience, the condition it is kept in, extra services provided to the customer and most importantly, product related offers, services and information. This is known as a customer service audit. All these factors are examined and evaluated by the mystery shopper. He or she then comes to a conclusion which incorporates the areas of strength and weakness of the brands/retail store. These insights help the brands in taking better decisions in terms of pricing and improving the overall customer service experience.

Customer service audits provide an unbiased analysis of the brand as the mystery shopper is hired by the mystery shopping firm servicing that particular brand. Therefore, it is equivalent to an external audit which is free from any sort of prejudice. It has benefits for both the parties. Another important benefit of mystery shopping for mobile brands is that the brands can draw a comparative analysis and take decisions based on the competitors’ strategies.


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