Mystery shopping for Real estate –

Mystery shopping for Real estate –

Mystery Shopping for Real Estate


It’s a known principle of Atomic Physics.

Particles behave differently, when unobserved.

A little thought shows it’s true for people as well.

Why then should our employees, or yours, behave differently?

Much of what people do in the work sphere has been incentivized. Incentives come in all forms – a monetary bonus, a promotion or a holiday. The incentive of a job well done looks a little dull in front of them.

Presenting constant incentives is not possible.

A daily dose of indifference doesn’t cost the employee much. They still get their share of appreciation (deserved or not is another conversation). But what about the employer?

Little things can have an unprecedented impact on a brand’s image, especially today, when customers have various social media tools to reflect what they are thinking. The employer, the brand, the image is at a constant risk through many of its employees and third party distributors. Giant corporations and enterprises have always had this problem. Managers have, hence, risen to such prominence. They make sure that the little sects work well.

But with the expansion of new age businesses, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to be fully in control of their image. provides a solution. The solution is mystery calling. The concept is simple. If you own a restaurant and you want to see if the chef cooks well on all days and not just when you go, you get in touch with, which in turn gets someone to go as regular customers and eat. They will not only be able to rate the quality of the food, but also the cleanliness of the space, service and a bunch of other things. The review is handed to you and you know how things work otherwise.

This can be extended to a variety of other businesses; actually pretty much every business has use of it.

Whether it’s an e-commerce website like (they provide broker-free apartments, PGs, rooms and other accommodation solutions in Delhi, NCR and Mumbai) which might need to verify how their phonelines are responding to their potential customers on a daily basis or a big brand like an Audi which needs to see if all their showrooms are living up to the gargantuan brand that it is – mystery calling works for all.

Companies that have opted for Floorwalk mystery services include Audi, Porsche,  Crocs, Sony and Menchies!

The essence of Mystery calling, no matter where used, is a disguised approach to know the truth! Truth that will help you know the ground reality, get rid of unnecessary add ons and better the business.

We all know, observation yields results.