/Mystery Shopping – Work is fun!

Mystery Shopping – Work is fun!

Breaking news: Shopaholics getting paid for shopping!

Sounds too unreal to be true? I used to think so too. Now, I spend half my days shopping around different stores, and I get paid for it. How, you ask? Mystery shopping it is!

What is Mystery Shopping? Essentially, it is a research tool that businesses use to evaluate the quality of their customer service. It is also used to ensure that industry regulations are being followed correctly, if the employees are doing anything unscrupulous and whether company policy is being implemented or not.

How does it work?

You apply as a mystery shopper, and are first evaluated with proper credentials. If your credentials and aptitude is deemed a match, you are assigned different shops. As a mystery shopper, you will go to these shops with a specific agenda in mind. You are supposed to ask certain questions or behave in a certain manner, just to see how the staff handles tricky situations. The only catch being that they don’t know who you are.

One of the great things about being a mystery shopper is that you get to go out to different places. You get to find out great stores where the customer service is great, and let your brand know what you think about their exceptional Customer Service. I’ve made a group of really close friends who keeps me updated about the Mystery shopping assignments around if I miss some of the opportunities. If you’re a shopaholic, you’re going to love this line of work. You get to discover new shops that you haven’t heard of before, and you’ll later be in a position to best judge where to go to get the best deals. Work long enough and you could become a walking encyclopedia of where to shop for what (every shopaholic’s dream, isn’t it?).

In the UK, a lot of government initiatives ask for mystery shopper evaluations. Across the ocean from there, the US has seen a rise in mystery shopping in the medical tourism field. Mystery Shopping is a growing market in India as well and you might get a lot of opportunities to become a Mystery Shopper.

Honestly speaking, it’s a dream job for me. I have to shop within a given time frame and I earn while doing what I like to do best. The only bit of work I have to do is fill out reports on my shopping sprees. What’s more, a mystery shopper is nearly always reimbursed for their purchases. Essentially, I get free stuff all the time. You like what you see? Sign up as a mystery shopper today!

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