Education Industry

Analyzing the approach of Fees structure across different Private Play School.

The Challenge

When a private play school was ready to open its new School in the Different cities, FloorWalk worked as their most trusted partner to execute this project in 180+ cities across India. The project requirement real-world visits to a different school across India – from a small school to big establish a school to understand the pricing structure, admission process and documents needed

The Approach

FloorWalk assembled a shopper force to visit Private play school across 180+ cities. Our team scheduled, executed and managed over 500 mystery shops in 1 month while navigating the nuances of local market conditions and requirements. In particularly challenging markets, we enhanced our data gathering efforts by adding industry-certified Shoppers who used in-depth experience to make sure the job was done right.

The Process

FloorWalk developed a custom approach through the use of our in-house software to assign and align the school, training the staff and making structures plan and strategy for extracting information form schools. FloorWalk also tracked the visits online and reported them timely by analyzing reports and producing actionable insights. The process allowed FloorWalk to bundle information for 500 schools, understand the school recommendation for process document, the prices for admission and distinguishing between other schools that admission was done at different prices across 180+ cities in 1 month.

The Result

Within 48 hours of school completion, each report was translated, proofed and delivered to the client ensuring they had the most up-to-date information and results. At the conclusion of the project, our client was ready to open 50 new schools in different cities that we suggest as per our data competition in certain categories This data was calculated and shared with the client to finalizes strategies for new opening schools.