These industry covers a large range of audit sections, from purchasing and automobile to doing price checks at different locations. Also, determining the cross selling and up selling skills of a sales person.


Our Mystery Shopping program helps you assess different sections at a retail store, and assessing the services provided to the customer. It can be as simple as assessing a gatekeepers' response when you enter the store to a store managers' response to customer complaints.


With the expert auditors in the food service industry, FloorWalk helps in auditing the food industry on the basis on proper hygiene and customer service at a restaurant or a chain of restaurants.


FloorWalk provides an overview of the activities encountered in audits of individuals in the entertainment industry and to familiarize auditors with issues and terminology pertinent to individuals in the entertainment industry.

Luxury Retail

Luxury retail usually covers automobile, high end food joints, luxury hotels, watches, jewelry, shoes, and chocolate. Our expert auditors in these industries evaluates the high end SOP's and gives appropriate feedback for the sector to be evaluated.


Our Mystery Shopping program helps in determining value for money services. From booking an appointment to cashing the services, we take care of everything and analysis all areas month on month by improving customer service.

Real Estate

FloorWalk expertise in real estate Mystery audits help protect from overpayments and over commitments. We help in identifying the cost difference and the evaluation areas of cross selling and upselling for a sales person.

Banking & Finances

From doing SOP audits in branch banking to using home services in the financial sector, FloorWalk has expert auditors from same industry to perform checks.

Health Care

Helping to Prevent losses and recover funds with the help of onsite audits and expertise in the health care industry. Our web-based healthcare audit and compliance system delivers the best analytics and reports.


From Cart abandonment to ordering a product at a remote location, FloorWalk takes care of all the parameters required by an e-commerce industry to improve its customer service. Comparing prices of different products across competitors is also a part of FloorWalk services.


Mystery Shopping program for a Salon industry can be helpful in determining the billing status and evaluating the services provided by the salon. FloorWalk auditors checks about proper hygiene is taken care at the store.


The program specially designed by FloorWalk gives you insights about the act or practice of being hospitable. Different sections in the industry covers transparency, service quality, hygiene and customer satisfaction which can be evaluated.


From booking a hotel to flying tickets, from getting a desired customer experience to cancellation of books, FloorWalk takes care of all the areas to evaluate a travel industry across all verticals.


FloorWalk covers a wide range of audits in other sectors including educational, cab services, car wash, manufacturing, movies, liquor etc..