/Welcome to the world of Mystery Shopping!

Welcome to the world of Mystery Shopping!


While the concept of Mystery Shopping is already helping a large number of mystery shoppers and companies bilaterally, the term ‘Mystery Shopping’ is still a mystery to many. If you are one of them, you need to read on to know the hows and whys behind the much popular concept.

What’s it?

Mystery shopping or secret shopping is a means various companies to get first hand data on how consumers experience their products and services. The companies often choose market research companies or other similar organizations to conduct these or do it themselves.

What’s the aim behind this?

The aim of mystery shopping is to get data that can help the companies further to improve their services and products by getting to know exactly how the customer reacts on it. It can be used by all the industries but is seen to be more popular for retail stores, restaurant chains, theatres, banks, health care facilities, etc.

How’s the data utilized?

The details provided by the market research company or the mystery shopper directly can include every kind of relevant information that might help the company/store evaluate them. For example, the shopper will observe every minute thing including cleanliness of the premises, number of employees present in the showroom, customer handling, and many more. Several shoppers conduct this mystery shopping and the reports are then evaluated by the concerned authorities.

Is there a future to this?

With the industries growing manifold by the day and the competition striving at its peak, companies are hiring increasingly hiring mystery shoppers to keep a check on their services and provide better customer experience than their competitive counterparts. India is also not left behind anymore. With the increasing trend of mystery shopping, the requirement for mystery shoppers have increased and open up a whole new dimension for interested candidates looking out for careers in mystery shopping.

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