/Mystery Shopping – Improvement to Success

Mystery Shopping – Improvement to Success


When you enter a restaurant and order food, but the food tastes bad or spoiled; often people are too afraid or polite to tell anything about it. The problem about it is that the restaurant or the chef will never improve their services and the business will decline due to less customers. Constructive criticism is the key to improvement and we need to share our opinions in order for others to be aware of them; hence the reason Mystery Shopping is an underlying tool for improvement.

Many franchises grow into multiple outlets and sometimes these outlets are shutdown without any discipline or service training. In light of this, Floorwalk chooses the best fit mystery shopper to assess one of the many outlets a company may have. The mystery shopper will be disguised as it enters the outlet to ensure that there is no bias or impartial treatment. The mystery shopper will evaluate the ambiance,the interior and most importantly  the service quality present in the restaurant.

Mystery shopping mediates the conversation between consumers and companies or outlets. It ensures that the consumer’s voice is heard and at the same time companies have a chance to improve and change to a brighter future. A mystery shoppers’ reports allows companies to comprehend and hear their customers’ voices – which aids them because usually people just complain without giving any feedback of how to improve or what they would like to be change. As a result, mystery shoppers are asked to write reports that illustrate the flaws in a form of constructive criticism where feedbacks are explained too.

Therefore, mystery shopping helps both the consumers and companies to improve the industry sector by considering both sides of the problems and working towards the same goal of success.

FloorWalk is a Mystery Shopping and Consumer Insights Company promoted by experts from Retail and Hospitality industry. Our panel of professionals bring along years of experience in the fields of Store Operations, Quick Service Restaurants, Health & Wellness, Buying and Merchandising, Supply Chain and Marketing.