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Mystery Shopping Jobs


Mystery shopping is relatively new as compared to other freelance jobs in the market. But equally true is the fact that there is nothing better than that as well. So, in what field can you get mystery shopping jobs? We list a few you might be interested in:

Restaurants and Junk Food Chains

Mystery shopping is most popular for restaurants and fast food chains to evaluate their staff performance and restaurant condition from the point of view of the customers. It’s an easy to do job which just requires you to eat for free (plus the stipend) while scrutinizing everything around. Moreover, you don’t need to commit specified timings. You can just go and have lunch at the required place while you are on your lunch break (from office/college). Isn’t it the best job ever? Indeed it is!

Hospitality Sector

There are a whole lot of enthusiasts who would like to travel the world but are low on finance. This is the job for them. Mystery shoppers in the hospitality sector are reimbursed the entire amount they spend on travelling and get to eat for free in restaurants. The stay-over at nice hotels is paid too. What more do one need? Just to pack their bags.

Electronics Market

Yes, mystery shoppers are also required to evaluate electronics showrooms/stores. This one is considered a little boring but when you get paid for doing just loitering around a mobile store, it isn’t bad enough. Comparatively, you need to be more active as the sales person is bound to ask you some technical questions on your requirements. If you are a tech person, no efforts needed at all!

Clothing and Apparels

Who thought that they can fill in their wardrobe for free? Mystery shopping makes it possible. You just need to visit the required store, judge the employees and other aspects of the business, and buy some stuff from there. All the money is reimbursed along with the stipend for the job.

Virtual Jobs

The best thing is you can be a mystery shopper even if you are too lazy to get up and have a bite in the nearby restaurant. Online Mystery Shopping is real and you can earn money just by connecting with the companies’ pages and profiles on social media websites.  

While all this very fascinating and real, you need to save yourself from scams. Register with a trustworthy mystery shopping company and you are all set to fill in your pockets with effortless money!

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