/Mystery Shopping goes hi-tech

Mystery Shopping goes hi-tech

We all know how mystery shopping goes about in normal circumstances. The procedure needs you to shop from the particular place and scrutinize their product, services, and other factors that might be useful to the company. But like all other arenas of the contemporary business market, mystery shopping is also going hi-tech.

What purpose will it cater to?

Mystery shoppers are mostly expected to do a lot of paperwork to provide the required information to the company involved. Also, sometimes when the reports aren’t good, the employees play the blame game to keep you hands of any accusations. Hi-tech mystery shopping is a solution to both of these.

How can a shopping experience be hi-tech? What are we supposed to do?

Mystery shopping can be hi-tech by enhancing it through audio and video. Even though it has been introduced recently, more and more companies are adopting it to get a more trustable evidence to rely on. The written work is still there but it’s minimal. The audio and video tapes do the actual work; the shopper is just a medium.

All this just to avoid employee conflicts?

No. Although it’s one of the reasons but the important part is that it is more effective. The effectiveness lies in concrete proof to support your written document. Moreover, it acts as a learning medium for the employees. The audio and video tapes can be used for training employees and can be incorporated into sales meetings as well. Employee rewards and incentives programs are one of the reasons companies hire mystery shoppers and with it going hi-tech, the results would be fairer.

Though the cost involved increases, but progressive companies would rather look at it as an investment. With the purposes that it can serve, hi-tech mystery shopping can soon be seen taking up the conventional method of hearing to the mystery shopper’s version of customer experience.

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