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Mystery Shopping for Phones

The dependency on cell phones has only increased over the years. Cell phones are not only a device to call and message in urgency but sort of an all rounder device. It keeps track of a person’s schedule, updates him with the daily dose of news, keeps his activities synced with apps, and of course, connects him to the world with social media. It is increasingly becoming a status symbol as well. All in all the consumption of phones as a commodity is high and so is the number of companies and showrooms offering them to the customers.

With such a competitive market, it’s difficult to study the market trends and the minds of the customers. That’s where mystery shopping for phones comes to the scene. Phone stores hire mystery shoppers to get insights on their store related information. A mystery shopper for phone stores is generally required to judge the helpfulness of the employees, their technical knowledge on the products, their handling of customer issues, and more…

It’s not only the employees that are under the scrutiny of the mystery shopper. The store’s inventory, wait period of the customer, and many more things are to be noticed. Many companies offer a survey kind of questionnaire to be filled in by the mystery shopper. Mystery shopping for Phones can be a bit boring for a section of shoppers but if one is interested in the technical field, they are supposed to like it.

When it comes to mystery shopping for phones, you need to be more prepared with the given task. Unlike other mystery shopping jobs, a phone salesman is supposed to question you more on your preferences. What you want, your requirements and expectations from the phone, and other relevant questions. Your job is to answer them like a real customer would do and note down the required information.

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