Mystery shopping is a growing business. All sectors from private to government are considering mystery shopping to address issues and uncover existing pitfalls in the processes or systems.  Although auditing systems are in place, they are hardly ever put to effective use in bureaucratic public offices. In the government sector, there is a need for constant monitoring and feedback related to work. In such cases, mystery shopping can prove to be extremely helpful in identifying key issues hindering the smooth functioning of the system.

There are two ways in which the public sector units can make use of mystery shopping:

  1. Mystery shopping for government offices to monitor internal functioning
  2. Mystery shopping for third parties doing business with the government

Smooth internal operations in any organization are the key to speedy results. In the government sector, the employees are often laid back in doing their job, due to which the productivity and quality of work suffer. This can be checked by introducing mystery shopping as a continuous practice which would keep the employees focussed on achieving results. Pre-decided audits are not always successful, but through a mystery shopper the reality behind the walls can be known.

With regard to the parties conducting business with the public sector, mystery shopping comes in handy. The public sector can use it to know which parties are better suited to be associated with. It also gives a good understanding of the work culture of the company to make sure that it suits the requirements. To understand what actually goes inside an office is a sure shot way of knowing whether the company is right for doing business or whether other competitors should be considered.

Transparency is a huge issue in the public sector. Because of several reasons, the government constantly finds itself under censure. Through mystery shopping, the government can address serious issues like bureaucracy and bribery which are plaguing the country. It can increase transparency in processes and can considerably improve the public image of the entity.

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