Mystery Shopping for E-commerce Industry –

The industry frauds for E-commerce is increasing day by day. With everyday’s news about people duping E-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart & Snapdeal, it has become a normal standard practice to conduct Mystery Audits where an auditor acts like a real buyer of a particular item and reports his experience to the companies. Since, the transaction for e-commerce companies takes remotely, there are multiple possibilities where a company can face challenges due to the frauds committed by certain entities.

Also, with the biggest of the companies diversifying their model from Inventory model to Market place model where a seller can directly come and sell their products where these companies charge a fees for the transaction, it has become a huge concern to take care of the quality. A part of logistics is also outsourced by these companies which becomes a challenge to keep a certain quality for the products supplied to the user. Let us list down a few concerns faced by the companies and how mystery shopping has helped them to reduce their losses.


  • Duplicate or used products provided by sellers
  • Broken items sent to the buyer and refund is claimed
  • Buyer gets it delivered and refunds a duplicate product
  • Buyer commits a fraud by duping the logistics company

We would like to share our experience on how Mystery shopping for an e-commerce portal has been conducted. We have conducted Mystery Shopping for outontrip¬†which deals in rolling papers, bongs, chillum, blunts, smoking accessories & vaporizers. We have helped the team to conduct a Mystery Shopping program where we helped them identify their customer service and customer feedback. The Mystery Audits conducted for OutonTrip has helped them to identify areas where their shipping partners couldn’t help them to deliver products at the right time.

Mystery Shopping with FloorWalk has been a great experience on knowing what your customer thinks of your brand.