/Mystery Shopping for Coho.in- the new residential experience

Mystery Shopping for Coho.in- the new residential experience

Mystery Shopping for Coho- the new residential experience

Mystery Shopping has become the key to understanding how an organization functions

unmonitored. Any space overwhelmed with surveillance can only capture the glitches in the

organizational space, but it cannot sufficiently articulate the lived experience of a common everyday

customer. Decisions are made and spaces are created through plans are made at the managerial

levels, and even though they are founded on months of exhaustive research and statistical analysis

they can still fall short of addressing the customer’s needs. Mystery Shopping allows the customer’s

point of view to come to the fore so that the responses can be gathered from the receiving end of


In a new age residential platform such as Coho, mystery auditing through floorwalk.in can help

uncover the customer’s point of view as they enter the house and help prioritize and understand

their needs. Coho allows people to come together and share a fully furnished residential structure

and practise what is now popularly known as cooperative living. Every coho house provides residents

with multiple facilities like fully equipped kitchens, well furnished dining rooms and even

recreational units. A floor walk study will help understand how the customer will most likely respond

to the space and how efficiently the facilities are being offered.

Mystery auditing is relevant to all kinds of organizations. The analysis would be equally beneficial for

a shopping mall, a luxury product showroom and a residential space like Coho. With its professional

auditors and a detailed analysis floorwalk offers its customers an enriching experience. As the

customers grow more particular and vigilant about their choices and the marketplace becomes more

customer oriented, floorwalk will help organizations reach optimum customer satisfaction. So don’t

wait for a mistake and an angry customer’s mail preempt and address all your problems with

mystery auditing. And find flats on rent in Gurgaon, flats on rent in Noida and flats on rent in Delhi at CoHo and have a hassle free life.

FloorWalk is a Mystery Shopping and Consumer Insights Company promoted by experts from Retail and Hospitality industry. Our panel of professionals bring along years of experience in the fields of Store Operations, Quick Service Restaurants, Health & Wellness, Buying and Merchandising, Supply Chain and Marketing.