/Mystery shopping FAQ | Getting maximum assignments

Mystery shopping FAQ | Getting maximum assignments

Mystery Shopping is as much as a responsibility, as it is an opportunity to grab some handy cash, or to get freebies. A mystery shopper is always advised to read the instructions carefully, before they conduct any audits, and make sure they check all the sections specified for the audit.

The basic process of Mystery Shopping involves selecting the audits according to your area of interest and preferred location of audit. FloorWalk provides an option to all of its shoppers to select audits according to their convenience, every audit is briefed by a project manager over phone or email. A shopper profile is sorted before assignment of the audit. There are no boundaries to minimum number of audits that can be assigned to a Shopper, it really depends on the your shopper profile suited for the available audits, and area of preference. It is in the hands of a client to define a shopper profile.

You just need to make sure that your shopper profile is updated, and all the necessary parameters are filled, so that we can easily match your shopper profile and present you with amazing audits. Also, assigning good audits depends on the shopper rating.

A shopper rating is given to a shopper after he fills a report after conducting an audit. Tips to improve shopper rating:

  • Fill the reports within stipulated time
  • Add appropriate media with the audit and try to give present a good quality
  • Add comments and summarize the audit in a simple and presentable way

FloorWalk is a Mystery Shopping and Consumer Insights Company promoted by experts from Retail and Hospitality industry. Our panel of professionals bring along years of experience in the fields of Store Operations, Quick Service Restaurants, Health & Wellness, Buying and Merchandising, Supply Chain and Marketing.