Mystery Shopping India

Mystery Shopping FAQ | How does my audit help a company?

Mystery Shopping FAQ | How does my audit help a company?

Mystery Shopping India

Customer service is what keeps your clients coming back time and again. Customer service is why your clients prefer you to your competitors. Customer service gets your business referrals, and it is extremely important that you keep the highest standards that you can in this sector.

The Customer service is manageable when the clients have 2-5 stores but what happens when it grows to 10 to 100 to 500 stores. It becomes very difficult to keep track of SOP’s followed consistently at all the stores.

May companies perform internal audit to check the compliance at a ground level, but it might be not very useful, because it does not have the real experience and the audits are not performed by real shoppers. So, when you, as a mystery shopper submits a report supported by media and share your experience about the store, it is shared with the help of analytics to interpret better and find out grey areas of customer service.

While Mystery Shopping covers myriad aspects for a company, the whole idea is to get the customer feedback and help improve their overall experience. Mystery Shopping in India has been a big boom as the Indian consumers do not mind paying a premium charges but all they need a good quality of service.

Companies often want feedback in terms of the experience, cleanliness, staff integrity, staff courtesy, hygiene etc.. and tries to improve each section by proper training. They always strive to provide better customer service by getting Mystery Shopping done at their stores. They take your valuable feedback and reward employees with better mystery shopping scores.