/Mystery Shopping Experiment on Social Media, Is There anybody Out There?

Mystery Shopping Experiment on Social Media, Is There anybody Out There?

Most of the mystery shopping jobs appear to be too good to be true, when you first hear or read about it. But to add to your surprise (if you are new to it), you can also be a mystery shopper without even going out to the real world.

What does that even mean?

With the immense popularity of several social media websites and the huge number of signed up users, it becomes a sound platform for companies to promote and market their products. Almost every small and large scale businesses are now on Face book and other popular social media sites.

So, What?

Well, there’s a purpose. The companies create these pages/profiles to be in direct contact with their customer or potential customers. But as noted a large number of these pages are unresponsive to the customer queries which fail to serve one of the most important purposes of these pages. Sometimes, the page isn’t given heed by the company management while there are times when the people responsible for it are too careless to respond.

What’s my job then?

These social media pages and profiles are a good channel to communicate with the customers and form a significant source of earning customers and making profits. Keeping this in view, companies are now hiring mystery shoppers to keep a check on their social media channels. Your job as a mystery shopper would be to communicate with the company on various social media like Face book, Twitter, Instagram, etc. as a customer and report back to the company on what kind of responses you get, how much time it takes typically for them to get back to you, the tone of the messages, if you got a call back to clear up your queries, etc.

So, yes, you can now be a mystery shopper just by actively using your social media platforms. Though the number of jobs in this sector is not so much as in the physical arena, the graphs are certainly going up. The mystery shopping experiments are going on at a rapid rate and even you can be a part of it (and of course earn from it)!

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