/Mystery Shopper – A college student or a qualified professional?

Mystery Shopper – A college student or a qualified professional?

Mystery shopping is one of those jobs which requires a part-time involvement. Of course, there are certain boundaries to the what could be a shopper profile. Mystery audits has certain amount of flexibility for some audits, a certain time frame is given to complete the audits and no upfront commitment is involved for a shopper.

A mystery shopper can join a company when he or she is minimum 18 years old, irrespective of any qualifications. The shopper profile is filtered when the audits are assigned. The shopper profile is given by a the client and plays an important role in the audits conducted.

The shopper can have various profiles like student, salaries, homemaker, working professional or unemployed. There are no barriers other than a minimum age of 18 years to become a mystery auditor.

The best part about mystery audits is that you can take opt for an audit when you are shopping in a mall, looking for a restaurant, looking for a spa or travelling to a particular location. The audits are available at all the locations and so you can perform audits according to your convenience.

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