/Keep Calm! You have FloorWalk

Keep Calm! You have FloorWalk

“I’m never ever going to that store again!! How dare they make us wait for 45 long minutes just to bill two grocery items?…. Did you notice how rudely the salesman remarked on us?…. We are waiting here since past hour yet the people who just came are getting more attention from the manager. What do they think of themselves? Are we fools to wait here in this rush…!”

Do these statements sound familiar to you? Can you relate to these situations? Are these your mirror feelings of frustration? Well if you are nodding in favour, Welcome Aboard my “Angry Young Men & Women”!

Long waiting hours at the counter, miscommunication along with misinterpretation, weekend rush, lack of salesman’s attention, dearth of items available, etc., can be potential turn-offs during one’s shopping drive where a happy excited customer undergoes metamorphosis and emerges out as an antagonized patron.

In order to cater to this need of metamorphosis, the concept of “Mystery Shoppers” has emerged. Mystery shopping allows day to day customers to carry out verified and in-depth audits for various companies, stores, brands, etc., by creating an environment similar to one filled with these angry dissatisfied customers to help them do a reality check for performance under pressure.

It enables you to keep track of each of your employee’s techniques to attend to their customer’s grievances and provide for training accordingly in case of poor performance. Also these mysterious shoppers will help you with suggestions to improve your traffic handling capacity, eg: provisions of discounts on weekdays to reduce the rush on weekends. They would try to provoke the salesmen with random blame game to test their patience, salesmanship, stress handling capacity and management skills. It will let you see your company through an angry customer’s perspective and will provide you with better understanding of grievance redressal. Mystery shoppers under the mask of angry furious customers will create a live stress situation to help know your weaknesses and to make your company industry ready for any such future instances. Customers are often dissatisfied with the service they receive rather than the products they purchase. Because each store might sell the same products but it is their difference in service that helps them retain their customers.

So are you concerned about your success rate of retaining angry customers? To be able to build a healthy grievance redressal system? To be able to pay heed to the complaints and take action on it? Do you want to know your reach in customer service and salesmanship? Are you aware about your store’s threshold point and break down point? If you feel obliged to answer in favour of this questionnaire, I guess you are already halfway through by choosing FloorWalk.

But why FloorWalk?

FloorWalk does a real time analysis by replicating a high stress store scenario filled with angry customers to help the owners know their chink in the armor (flaws) eg., whether they need extra staff on weekends, any extra communication trainings, incentives, discount offer proposals, etc., to help them build their niche in the business world.

Happy FloorWalking! Try out yours today!

FloorWalk is a Mystery Shopping and Consumer Insights Company promoted by experts from Retail and Hospitality industry. Our panel of professionals bring along years of experience in the fields of Store Operations, Quick Service Restaurants, Health & Wellness, Buying and Merchandising, Supply Chain and Marketing.