/Is Free Travel With Mystery Shopping Companies a Scam?

Is Free Travel With Mystery Shopping Companies a Scam?


Getting the benefit of a service or a product for free can certainly spring up many questions in one’s mind. In the contemporary age of internet, the first doubt that we can think of, after coming across a free offer, is the fear of a scam. If you are a mystery shopper or considering becoming one, you will know the feel.

While some products and services are believable to be offered for free, some of them raise your suspicion. Tourism and travel is one such industry from where offers are hard to believe. Therefore, we often get to hear ‘Is free travel with mystery shopping companies a scam?’ No, it’s not.

You might come across scams as the internet is full of them but by being a little more careful, you can travel for free. It’s like a dream job, isn’t it? To ensure that you aren’t trapped by one of the scams, make sure that you register with a reputed mystery shopping company which also caters to the hospitality industry. You can then look out for assignments and travel places only for the expenses to be reimbursed within a number of days.

A whole lot of other offers might be clubbed in within your assignment. You can be assigned to hotels, restaurants, and even to something as fancy as cruises. The travel charges are covered and even after that you are paid for the job you are doing. The mystery shoppers are also paid for their meals and extra activities.

It’s like doing the things you like and getting paid for it. But don’t be blind eye to these offers. A whole lot of scams are there which might end up creating a hole in your pocket instead of earning some bucks. Always go through the profile of your mystery shopping company and ensure their credibility. Once you are established with a reputed firm, you can even build out a well settled career out of it.

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