/Eat For Free & Make Money – From Pennies to Pounds

Eat For Free & Make Money – From Pennies to Pounds

Yes, you read that right. Mystery shopping provides you with opportunities to eat for free and if that wasn’t enough, it pays you for it. Though the pay structure of all stores and companies are different, you mostly get reimbursement for the money spent and get paid for the work done by you.

How’s that possible?

It doesn’t sound like a job description, we agree. But restaurants and fast food chains around the world hire mystery shoppers to get a constant feedback on the quality of their food and service. With the increasing competition in the present economy, Indian food outlets are also increasingly adopting the concept of regular surveys by mystery shoppers.

How can I start?

All you need to do is to register with a trustable and reputed mystery shopping companies where you can get a lot of assignments to choose from. After signing up, you can browse through the assignments available.

What’s the commitment?

You are not bound to complete any randomly given task. You can choose it for yourself. Choose work nearby your home or work premises and earn while you do your everyday tasks i.e. while having lunch, dinner or just snacks (that too for free). Any time commitment is also not required. You can even take up projects and do them during your lunch time at work or college to get some side income.

What all I need to do?

Just be vigilant as a customer and notice every detail about the outlet. It includes the number of employees as the given time, their attitude towards customers, how long they take to serve food, the quality of the food, how they react to customer complaints, etc. Many of the companies provide questionnaires to be filled up by the mystery shoppers.

How do I get the money?

You have to purchase the meal at your own expense which is then reimbursed to you along with the payout for the project. It can typically take a couple of weeks for more but you needn’t worry if you are registered with a transparent organization.

So, that’s how you convert your pennies to pounds and save a lot (on food) in the process! Happy Mystery Shopping!

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