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Earn while you shop for us ? YES!

Well I have got your attention now. Are you still thinking if it is possible?

Yes, it is very possible and Mystery Shopping is the answer.

What is Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping involves specific tasks such as purchasing a product, asking questions, registering complaints and then provide detailed reports or feedback about their experiences and get the earn some handy cash in return.

Let’s make it sound even cooler.

You can go to a leading shoe brand in India, buy pair of shoes and you get to keep them. Oh wait, you also get paid for shopping!

You can go to a luxury car showroom, test drive the beauty and  get paid for doing so too.

You can go to an extravagant hotel with a friend of yours, spend a beautiful evening and cherish the night with unforgettable memories. Relax, the bill is on us.

You can go to a Spa, hit the mineral-rich spring water and enjoy the delectation at no cost.

Want to look good for the evening? You can go to a salon, get a smart cut, add facial, manicures and pedicures on the list with no baggage of cost.

You can think of any industry and we are on it. Healthcare, real estate, travel, banking,E-commerce and many more.

What do we expect in return?

All that we expect from you is a quality survey; in other words, the level of customer satisfaction that you have experienced on that particular shop or institute.

Very little to ask in return, right?

Come take a FloorWalk with us to know more about mystery shopping in India.

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