Customer Experience and Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping with FloorWalk
Mystery Shopping with FloorWalk

Customer experience is a high priority for consumers and is directly proportional to retaining the Customer. In today’ economic world with the fast progress of E commerce and it’s way of capturing market, it has become really important for retail stores to focus on the customer experience and give them the ‘wow’ feeling when the customer enters your store. The only way to know about your service is the customer telling you about it by Mystery Shopping and generating consumer insights by it. Secret Shopping can be really helpful in knowing the service quality given at the Customer end.

Here is an interesting Analytics about Customer Service.

Some of the important analytic about Service Quality Audits and the booming industry of Mystery Shopping is shown below :


Mystery Shopping Is Hot Again!: Brand New Mystery Shopper. High Conversions. Minimal Refunds. Red Hot Sales Pa…

The Process of getting consumer insights is explained as :

mystery shopping

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