/All Hail to “The Halo Effect”

All Hail to “The Halo Effect”

Thanks to Edward Thorndike and Branding, we today can help you create your own Halo, lure customers, retain them for good and forever. But little do we know about psychology and its terminologies to debate upon the Halo effect. Although what we do know is “branding” and how a single favourable feature of a brand can make customers biased towards all its products, creating a Halo-effect.

Has you being friends with the class topper saved you from mass punishments? Has a free air pump service influenced your petrol station choice? Has a 20MP DSLR quality camera feature affected your mobile handset choice? Has a free scrotch pad altered your regular detergent choice? Has a wide variety of menu choices and friendly ambience and staff affected your restaurant choice? Has a free parking lured you enough to spend your free-time at their outlet or mall? Has the 30mins pizza delivery offer influenced your favourite eating joint choice? Has your favourite actor’s endorsed products paved its way to your shopping basket again and again?

Do you answer ‘yes’ to these questions? Now if you’re nodding again then you, my friend, are already under the “Halo-effect”! A brand drawing customers to itself like bees to honey due to a particular product- hit among people, being so popular, not only increases the future but also past product sales. Such marketing success sustains on its “Halo effect” and it does not only helps the brand name grow but also makes all its products, new and old, recognizable.

But how do you ensure that your Halo is established? How do you ensure customer satisfaction? How do you prevent your Halo effect from turning into your Horn effect (highlights negatives and destroys brand name, drops sales)?

Well we suggest you turn to “Floorwalk”, leave your worries to us. Highly qualified auditors, customer feedback and satisfaction, reliable surveys, etc., we provide it all under one roof. So sit back and enjoy your state of Halopedia.

FloorWalk is a Mystery Shopping and Consumer Insights Company promoted by experts from Retail and Hospitality industry. Our panel of professionals bring along years of experience in the fields of Store Operations, Quick Service Restaurants, Health & Wellness, Buying and Merchandising, Supply Chain and Marketing.