A Mystery Shopper’s guide for Automotive Industry

Are you a crazy Automobile freak and wanna accomplish your passion by experiencing with varieties?

Automotive Mystery Shopping will definitely help you in this.

Five keys for a Successful Automobile Audit


1. Introductory Formal Impression

Introduction is a must for every foundation to be laid. You must keep in mind to inform all the necessary details about you.

  • Your name, address, contact number, emails, choice of vehicle must be recorded by the service provider.
  • The showroom name, address, sales manager name, date and time of sales call, call duration, timely response to posted enquiry, concluding message of the call.

2. Welcome Attitude

First Impression lasts long. When you enter the showroom do check some parameters for a perfect welcome:

  • How were you greeted by the service guard person( With a smile and a handshake, did they refer you as sir/madam, A cup coffee offered made your day?)
  • Did you find the routes properly? Comfortable and neat seating arrangement with A.C.?Beautiful ambience and clean washrooms. Check it out!
  • Sales Manager available on time to greet you with the vehicle demo ready to start? Was he well groomed? No frowning faces right!

3. Resource, Response & Ability

Meeting customer expectations and providing positive response is a must. Do check their market analyzing abilities.

  • Did the sales person ask you initial questions to gauze your needs like your interest field of vehicle purchase (sports, leisure), purpose of purchase (personal, business), current possession if any?
  • Did he present his views on the decision of your budget, mileage, engine specifications, estimated purchase date, want some additions like extended warranty?

4. Service Presentation

Excellent service and communication skills always make a difference. Keep a track on the technical skills and product presentation.

  • Was the sales agent technically sound enough to explain the product is a pleasant manner?
  • The main course of action – the most awaited test drive. How was the condition of the vehicle and what was the duration of test drive? Check if the mandatory documents for eligibility were duly filled and if the sales person accompany you during the whole process.

5. Team Commitment

A good conclusion creates good experiences. The final response from the showroom affects the decision of purchase.

  • How does the sales manager makes an offer for booking and if he instructs you properly about the dealership conditions, extra facilities and services.
  • Does he follow up with you after you leave the showroom premises? Check the frequency and duration of the follow up calls.

We hope that the next time you make a decision to buy your dream car, the service provided enforces your decision further, instead of altering it.

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