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Uncovering the Mystery of Mystery Shopping

Uncovering the Mystery of Mystery Shopping
Mystery shopping is a mechanism used externally by marketing research companies or internally by companies themselves to measure the quality of their service to ensure compliance with regulation and to gather service information’s. The term “mystery shopping” was derived …

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Mystery shopping FAQ | Getting maximum assignments

Getting Maximum Audits
Mystery Shopping is as much as a responsibility, as it is an opportunity to grab some handy cash, or to get freebies. A mystery shopper is always advised to read the instructions carefully, before they conduct any audits, …

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A Mystery Shopper guide for Restaurants

A mystery shoppers guide for restaurants
Walking into a restaurant and anticipating to be served with food that makes you smile is generally expected from restaurants. However some of the restaurants lack in the underlying purpose of its role, which is …

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Mystery Shopping for the new residential experience

Mystery Shopping for Coho- the new residential experience
Mystery Shopping has become the key to understanding how an organization functions
unmonitored. Any space overwhelmed with surveillance can only capture the glitches in the
organizational space, but it cannot sufficiently articulate the lived experience …

All Hail to “The Halo Effect”

Thanks to Edward Thorndike and Branding, we today can help you create your own Halo, lure customers, retain them for good and forever. But little do we know about psychology and its terminologies to debate upon the Halo effect. Although …

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Is Free Travel With Mystery Shopping Companies a Scam?

Getting the benefit of a service or a product for free can certainly spring up many questions in one’s mind. In the contemporary age of internet, the first doubt that we can think of, after coming across a free offer, …

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